Sunday, September 26, 2010

5lbs down!

So I haven't used this blog like I intended to when I made it, but I just thought that I'd give an update on my progress. I did really good for a couple of weeks when I first started this, then I quit for a little while. I started back up about a month ago and this time I am sticking with it. I am now 150lbs. and still losing! I really had to stop eating like I did when I was pregnant, which was extremely difficult at first. It took a little while for me to get used to eating less. Now I feel full with a lot less food. Throughout the month I slowly made small changes to my diet so that I could get used to everything. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty similar daily, which helps me out a lot. I used to eat a lot of the same things before changing my diet, but now I am making much healthier choices. I usually eat 2 eggs, a slice of whole wheat toast and a yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I usually eat a lunch meat sandwich with tomatoes and avocados on it. Sometimes I will eat a veggie burger when I want to switch it up a bit. I try to have plenty of fruit to snack on during the day. Steven is not on a diet so I just try to watch my portion sizes at dinner time. I still try to make a few healthier substitutes for dinner though.

We have done great at keeping the ice cream out of the house! On Friday Steven brought me an ice cream sundae from McDonalds and it was so delicious. I think that only eating ice cream occasionally makes it taste even better!

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